Breaking the Perfect Ten (bk)
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Tracy wanted life in the spotlight and all the glamour that comes with it. However, the pursuit of this life was not all she had bargained for. Even as she held the prize she thought she wanted, she felt an emptiness and despair in her spirit.\In pursuit of becoming Hollywood's 'perfect 10,' The Bold and the Beautiful star, Tracy Lindsey Melchior broke God's Perfect 10 - the Ten Commandments. She broke every one of them. She was relentless in her pursuit of fame and fortune. However, little did she realize at the time, that she was being relentlessly pursued as well. God lovingly and gently sought after the heart of a sinner named Tracy. And Tracy was found, not shining bright on the big screen but kneeling at the lowest point in her life when she lacked even the strength to look up.\BREAKING THE PERFECT 10 is a beautiful story of the power of Christ's forgiveness, patience, and love.\Tracy Melchior
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