Unbroken Curses
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Are you one of the many victims of an unbroken curse? Today, countless Christians throughout the world are plagued by unexplained poverty, calamities, and a variety of adverse circumstances. Their lives are tragically filled with heartache and desperation as they continuously struggle against overpowering temptation, physical and mental illness, and a myriad of catastrophic events. Usually they are unaware that their plight is the result of an unbroken curse that has been placed upon them and perhaps upon their families.
Some of the causes:
Hatred and jealousy
Trespassing on the Devil’s territory
Handling unholy things Inherited curses
Breaking vows to God
The solution:
The Bible specifically instructs every believer to avoid curses and to recognize and break them. Yet, an astonishing number of Bible-believing Christians have either not read or do not remember these essential spiritual principles. Thus, many believers live under the affliction of unbroken curses. This book will show you the necessary biblical steps to recognize, prevent, and break every type of curse.

Author: Rebecca Brown 

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