About Us

Canaanland was incorporated in 1986 but due to disobedience, we were in the wilderness between 1986 and 1990 as in the time of Moses. At a point in time, we were even trying to run away from God but through His grace and mercy, we surrendered to the Lord and His purpose at the end of 1990. As a family, we learnt again, to be sensitive to the Lord's leading and harkened to the still small voice of God.

We began the first two years of operations from our home, distributing gifts to various bookstores in Malaysia and Singapore. Although income was minimum, our Lord Jesus proved His faithfulness in providing for our needs which we find hard to explain to this very day. Praise the Lord! 

Through the foundations of OBEDIENCE and FAITH, we started our first retail outlet on the 10th of October, 1992 and through God's provision, our second retail outlet in September 1996. Besides retailing, we distribute christian books and music to a wide network of christian retailers in both east and west Malaysia. We are waiting on the Lord to take us further and envision to have a mobile christian book van to service rural Christians in Malaysia and help them grow in their Christian walk with Jesus.

Very often you will hear us proclaim that Canaanland belongs to the Lord. It is our deepest conviction that we have been placed in this ministry to help equip Christians with the power of His Word to go out to achieve Kingdom purposes. We are all called to be faithful sowers of 'good seed' in the Kingdom and the shop is like barn filled with grain and seed. We are committed to helping pastors, church leaders and teachers enrich their ministries through the effective use of bible software, curriculum and resources

We want to help parents and teachers understand the importance of building a good foundation for the growth of children, especially in the crucial early stages. We equate the equipping of children to driving piles into the ground to form a good foundation before a building is put up. The more piles are driven into the ground, the firmer the foundation. It will withstand strong wind and storm. As children grow, they are exposed to all kinds of negative input and it is vital that the basis of their faith, values and principles stands firm in Christ. Check our Through the Bible's 'Discipleland' for the best in sunday school curriculum.

Through Canaanland, and in collaboration with the American Tract Society, local churches and Christians, the Lord birthed The SOWER, a tract ministry. To date, we have printed some 800,000 tracts for free distribution. In addition, we have printed another 40,000 tracts in a foreign language.

As we live in the global age of the internet, we are excited to use our webstore as a platform for communication to keep you informed on what is happening in the Christian marketplace. We are excited to see where God is leading us next! Pray with us!


Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you (Matthew 6:33).

The above verse echoes the desire of our hearts and through the years the Lord has proven His faithfulness and goodness. Our very existence is a testimony of the principle and the foundation CANAANLAND was founded upon - obedience and faith.

As Canaanland is called to serve, we have adopted the statement of: SERVING CHRIST BY SERVING YOU!

What we sell?
Thanks for choosing us to be your one-stop-shop, online store and partner for Christian resources ranging from books, bibles, music, gifts, curriculums to events like conferences, webinars, concerts as well as publishing, wholesaling and distribution.  We also are interested to partner with you to consign high-quality products that are important and of value to our customers.