Alpha - Why Jesus, Simp 为什么信耶稣
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Over 3 million copies of this popular booklet (in Simplifed Chinese) have been sold across the world since it was first published. Written by Nicky Gumbel, the pioneer of Alpha and vicar of HTB in London, it explores why we need Jesus and how he satisfies our hunger for meaning and purpose in life, for life beyond death, and for forgiveness.

Exploring Jesus' claims, character and death, Nicky uses effortlessly uncomplicated language to talk about the freedom we receive from guilt, addition, and fear, and the freedom to know God, to love other people, and to change.

The booklet is designed to be given away to anyone with questions about Jesus and the Christian faith.

Sections within the booklet include:
  • Why bother with Jesus?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why did he come?
  • Why did he die?
  • Common excuses for not accepting the gift
  • What do we have to do?
  • A simple prayer to start your relationship with God
  • What now?

Also available in the series: Why Easter? and Why Christmas?

Author: Nicky Gumbel is the pioneer of Alpha. He studied law at Cambridge and theology at Oxford, practised as a lawyer and is now Vicar of HTB in London. He is the author of many books and is married to Pippa.

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