Faith of Our Fathers (Updated), Simp 先贤之信 [更新版本] (简)
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Chinese civilization is generally referred to as having an unbroken history of more than 4000 years. In the landmark book, Dr Thong Chan-Kei brings to light some startling and fascinating revelations of God's "fingerprints" throughout China's long history. With much clarity and accessibility, Thong establishes that the original form of worship in China was monotheistic and was in a manner similar to those found in Genesis, the first book of both the Hebrew and the Christian scriptures.

Indications of God's hand on China include:

• the Chinese language itself, which reflects knowledge of the first events of human history as recorded in the book of Genesis
• The old name Chinese gave to their country, Shen Zhou (God's country), which is revealing of their consciousness of God's ultimate sovereignty
• The annual prayers and sacrifices at the Temple of Heaven, which have extraordinary parallels with the blood covenants in the Old Testament
• The Chinese emperors, who were called the "Sons of Heaven" and were regarded as an intermediary between Shang Di and the Chinese people

You will be intrigued and captivated by Thong's compelling account of how God has had his hand on China, and His involvement in significant events of China's history, thus revealing His desire to receive humanity unto Himself.

(This book is in Simplified Chinese. It is also available in English)

Is the Christian faith a Western ideology foreign and incompatible with Chinese culture? Singapore-born author Chan Kei Tong, now based in China, does not think so.
In this book, he attempts to bring to light what he calls God's fingerprints throughout China's long history - how the original form of worship in China was monotheistic and similar in manner to that found in Genesis.
His arguments include the Chinese language itself, which reflects knowledge of the first events of human history as recorded in the Genesis; the old name the Chinese gave to their country, Shen Zhou (God's Country); and the parallels between the sacrifices made at the Temple of Heaven and the blood covenants in the Old Testament. Originally published in Chinese; this is a 2008 English translation.

Author: Chan Kei Thong is President of LDi, Inc, a U.S. company that provides executive coaching, leadership training, and operates five international schools in China. Born and educated in Singapore, he received his MBA from California State University and travels extensively for speaking engagements. He and his wife, Lisa, have lived in China for over 20 years. They have three children.

ISBN: 9789810589479
作者: 唐振基
出版: 東方出版中心 (初版), Cru Asia Limited 
初版: 2012/04
頁數: 265
尺寸: 16 x 22 cm
语言:简体中文 Simplified Chinese

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