Becoming Hannah: A Personal Journey
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Hannah Yeoh's story is that of an ordinary Malaysian girl growing up in an average home, being thrust into the highest levels of national leadership, in a way she never planned or imagined. Here is a personal story of her life, caught in the tumult of a growing nation reeling under almost impossible challenges of conflicting loyalties and priorities. Hers is a story of unwavering faith in and allegiance to a loving God, and of her resolve to be faithful in every circumstances. Hannah starts out as a novice in politics, yet learns quickly. She is uncompromising and resolute. Hannah has become a beacon to the young and a fresh breeze of hope for the older ones. Her story is a challenge to never give up, to stay on and battle for the good of all people in this beloved land of ours. She has become a role model - whether in politics or any other sphere of life - for work with passion and without fear. Hannah's is a story of Hope; Hope for the nation; Hope, because of God. - Dato' Dr Alex Mathews

Outlined here is clarity, simplicity, commitment and sacrifice of an exemplary Malaysian, a Christian who seeks to fight with her deep faith, impeccable character and profound courage to secure, by God’s strength and with much prayer, a better future for all Malaysians. There is great hope for Malaysia if many more Hannahs could be replicated in politics. - Dr. Daniel Ho Senior Pastor, DUMC, Petaling Jaya

Hannah’s story is not only about politics. It is about a spiritual journey of self-discovery. It is also about the role of values and faith in public office. Hannah’s Christian convictions show us how faith is a prime mover for righteousness, justice and good governance in the state and the nation. She truly believes that politics needs more good people if positive change is to happen, and because of her faith, has shown that she is willing to walk the talk. - Saari Sungib, Selangor State Assemblyman, Hulu Kelang


YB Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan is the Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly and State Assemblyman for Subang Jaya, Selangor. Hannah won the N31 state seat in the General Elections 2008 as a DAP candidate at the age of 29. She was elected as the Speaker at the age of 34, making her the first woman and youngest Speaker in Malaysia. She obtained her Bachelor of Laws from University of Tasmania. She is married to Ramachandran M, an IT entrepreneur. They are now proud parents of two baby girls Shay Adora Ram and Kayleigh Imani Ram. The couple is passionate about nation-building and seeks to inspire Malaysians to play their respective parts in establishing a righteous nation free from corruption and racial discrimination.
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