The Divine Code: A Prophetic Encyclopedia of Numbers, Volume II: 26 to 1000
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The 10th Anniversary Edition of 'The Divine Code', now in a beautiful 2-volume set, is ground-breaking in its scope.

From history to prophecy, from apologetics to politics, numbers are everywhere but not clearly understood. Steve Cioccolanti has expanded this study of the meaning of numbers to include Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Benjamin Netanyahu, Kim Clement, Osama bin Laden, the Third Temple, the 7 Noahide Laws, World War III, and much more.

That is why it is 'A Prophetic Encyclopedia of Numbers.''The Divine Code' is a carefully researched exploration into the meaning of numbers, codes, cycles and patterns found in Scripture, nature, history, and prophecy. It demystifies familiar numbers like 7, 13, 666 and illuminates lesser known ones like 17, 58 and 708. Years of research and revelation have crafted this spiritual magnum opus that you will find an easy read and a joy to keep.

Thought-provoking and highly practical, 'The Divine Code' is brimming with lively topics such as God, angels, demons, healing, dreams, different personalities, and end time prophecy. As you read it, you will fall in love with the Creator of Numbers. Let the Spirit of the Lord show you how to apply numbers to find meaning in life, fulfill your purpose, and prepare for eternity.

Pick a chapter and you will find a surprising nugget of truth. As one reviewer raved, “This is the Bible of Numbers.” Volume I contains the number range 1 to 25. Volume II contains the number range 26 to 1000.


“The Divine Code...is an excellent reference book that is extremely informative, inspirational and practical in every way…This excellent book has reconciled the extremes in doctrines and practices we see all around us, and brings forth the proper balanced Biblical perspective.” --PASTOR DENNIS BALCOMBE, Founder of Revival Chinese Ministries International, Missionary to Hong Kong since 1969

"Bible Numerics is a subject that will never be exhausted. The Divine Code by Steve Cioccolanti certainly adds to this amazing and fascinating subject." --KEVIN CONNER, Internationally-Recognized Theologian and Author

“There is NO OTHER BOOK like 'The Divine Code'…Pastor Cioccolanti is the first pastor I know to highlight God’s glory in the Bible through numbers in an entertaining way. I don’t think Christians appreciate the importance of numbers. They are afraid that they may be dabbling in Kabbalah or the occult, so this book is ground-breaking in educating people that God created numbers to glorify Him.”--LORILYN ROBERTS, Award-Winning Christian Author

Author: Steve Cioccolanti, BA, M.Ed., is a Christian social media influencer with over 250,000 followers on YouTube, the pastor of Discover Church (discover.org.au), and a prolific author of hundreds of videos and multiple books--including his critically acclaimed "From Buddha to Jesus" (translated to 6 languages to date) and his magnum opus "The Divine Code: A Prophetic Encyclopedia of Numbers, Vol 1 & 2" (now in its 10th Anniversary Edition). A sought-after speaker on history, prophecy and justice, he appears as a guest minister at big and small churches, and on international TV including Daystar. He has traveled to more than 45 countries for Jesus.
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